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How to escape "," in dynamic snippets?

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36 minutes ago, vitor said:

I’ve made a few tests and was unsuccessful


Same as that. When using such a common character as the comma as a delimiter, it really needs to be possible to escape it with a backslash or a double comma.

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On 7/20/2019 at 1:59 AM, deanishe said:

Same as that

I use snippet to help me remember many linux commands, such as setting ps -ef | grep {clipboard}, if the value of the clipboard contains points, for example, I run a shell called b.sh,  "ps -ef | grep b.sh" will also filter out /bin/bash and other information. The correct one should be "b\ .sh". I hope sinppet can provide escape transform utility .

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7 hours ago, SummerChill said:

The correct one should be "b\ .sh".


I wouldn’t hold out much hope for this one. Escaping is for writing coding, and I don’t think code-formatting features really belong in Alfred’s macro expansion. A lot of fields support macro expansion, so you’re kinda asking for every text field to be changed because the text might end up as an argument in a shell.


I think a more appropriate approach would be to write a workflow that formats the text on the clipboard according to whatever rules. Perhaps add a Script/List Filter to the workflow so you can choose different escaping schemes (bash, grep etc.).


Perhaps add a Hotkey (say ⌥⌘C) that pastes the clipboard contents escaped for a shell.

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