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Visual artifacts when Alfred bar is activated while VLC player is open [Workaround Available]

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After the latest macOS Mojave update yesterday (10.14.6) when I activate Alfred bar through the cmd-Space shortcut and I have a VLC player window open, the bar itself is not clearly visible (but is functional) and visual artefacts (in purple colour) litter the screen.

Please see https://imgur.com/qbpHd2g


I don't know if it's the update, VLC or Alfred fault.


But before the update, VLC and Alfred was working together without problems.

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@gtaranti Alfred is just creating a standard macOS floating panel, so isn't really able to fettle this behaviour.

  • If you quit VLC, does Alfred work as expected?
  • Have you tried a different Alfred theme, perhaps a custom one with no blur set?
  • As a workaround, perhaps try "Compatibility Mode" in Alfred's Appearance > Options > Focusing
  • Also try temporarily creating a new user account and running Alfred / VLC there



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I can confirm very similar problems. Thanks to gtaranti for tracking this down!


My info:

• I keep VLC on a separate screen. The problem only occurs if there's a video playing in VLC.

• The problem goes away for me if I switch from "Alfred" (Alfred Default Theme) to "Alfred Classic".

• I'm on a Mac Pro 5,1 with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 graphics card.



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I'm presuming by "setting blur to 0" you mean set the Window Blur slider to "None". I have done so.


I have created the duplicate, and can confirm that the graphic glitches go away on my system when I set Blur to "None." They return when I nudge the duplicate theme's Blur slider even the slightest bit to the right.

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Thanks for that! For now, at least we know a workaround.


Looking at the 10.14.6 changes on this page: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT209149 I suspect that Apple broke something with one of the following "fixes":

  • Resolves a graphics issue that may occur when waking from sleep.
  • Fixes an issue that may cause fullscreen video to appear black on Mac mini.

It might be worth reporting this to VLC to see if there is anything they can do to sidestep this issue, as they are doing much lower level graphics interactions than Alfred.




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Honestly, I'm thrilled that this was "resolved" so quickly. Thanks for your help; Alfred remains in my Top 5 most-used apps (and I'm a proud Legendary Supporter). I use it so much so that when the graphics glitches appeared, I feared it was a universal issue with the operating system, or a problem with my actual graphics card.


Anyway, I'll report it to VLC.

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  • Andrew changed the title to Visual artifacts when Alfred bar is activated while VLC player is open [Workaround Available]
  • 3 weeks later...

I have a MacBook Pro Retina late-2013 and I want to report:


- i don't need to open Alfred, a right click anywhere should trigger the issue

- minimizing or quitting VLC fixes the issue

- with VLC running, even after quitting Alfred, the issue persists, so I assume Alfred has nothing to do with the issue, it's just another trigger.


Triggers for me are:


- right clicking any window to show a menu

- clicking a menu option from the menu bar 

- opening Alfred

- moving a window around


As far as I can tell this is an issue with VLC and MacOS, not with Alfred

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