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How to append clipboard content to a file?

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I am trying to build a workflow that will let me appends text (clipboard content + a few words I write in Alfred bar) to a file.


Using the Hotkey action, I can show the content copied to the clipboard and add a few words.


But I fail at appending this content (few words + macOS Clipboard Contents) to a text file. 


Here is the workflow: https://ufile.io/w91ucvzn (link will disappear in 30 days).


Thank you! 





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If I get what you want to do, here is an updated workflow: https://d.pr/f/Qy36hV


In short, you don't need to use the Hotkey object to get the clipboard content or to pop Alfred, but use it simply to launch your workflow. Then, you connect a keyword object to get an Alfred field to write your query and then you append this query + clipboard to your file (the clipboard accessed using the Alfred's clipboard content variable)


Hope this helps!

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