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Bluetooth manager - Connect and disconnect a bluetooth device easily

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Github: https://github.com/bmunoz89/alfred-wf-bluetooth-manager


GitHub release GitHub Releases GitHub

🚨 Supports Alfred 3 & 4 🚨

💻 Installation 👾

Run this command on a terminal:

brew install blueutil

Now download  the last release and open it 😎. That's all!!

📸 Screenshots

ss_bset.jpg ss_bc.jpg ss_bcs.jpg ss_bds.jpg ss_bm.jpg

🔑 Keywords

  • bset: Set the default device
  • bc: Connect the default device
  • bd: Disconnect the default device
  • bcs: Select the device you would like to connect to
  • bds: Select the device you would like to disconnect to
  • bm: Allows to turn bluetooth on and off, and the same for updates of the workflow


Besides that, you can add shortcuts into the preferences 👌🏽

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