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Web searches: how to query multiple queries at one.

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(As I am not sure if it is already possible, I post this thread here and not in Alfred features suggestions).


I was thinking about web searches found cool how easy it is to create them. One url + {query}. Done.


I was wondering if it was possible to perform multiple queries at once. For example typing the following in Alfred's bar:


one web searches keyword + {query1}+{query2}+{query3}.


with the alexa.com web search I sat it would give :


sale keyboardmaestro.com,alfredapp.com,google.com


It would open 3 tabs with the result of each query. 


Maybe there are other way to do it.


I am just trying to find a way not to have to perform the same task three times.

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2 hours ago, politicus said:

sale keyboardmaestro.com,alfredapp.com,google.com


That's not practically possible with a built-in websearch, no: That would make it impossible to search for anything with a comma in it.


It can be done easily enough with a workflow, however. You just need to split your input on whichever delimiter you've chosen (comma in your case), add it to the URL, then open it.

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Yes, I did I even tried the workflows.  


The output will then contain the list of variables you've just created

I do not know how to work with the variables I get from the split action.


Here is what I get from the debug :


[20:32:39.148] Multiple queries at once[Keyword] Processing complete

[20:32:39.149] Multiple queries at once[Keyword] Passing output 'google,yahoo,bing' to Split Arg to Vars

[20:32:39.149] Multiple queries at once[Split Arg to Vars] Processing complete

[20:32:39.150] Multiple queries at once[Split Arg to Vars] Passing output 'google,yahoo,bing' to Debug

[20:32:39.151] Multiple queries at once[Debug] 'google,yahoo,bing', {

  var1 = "google"

  var2 = "yahoo"

  var3 = "bing"


[20:32:39.151] Multiple queries at once[Debug] Processing complete

[20:32:39.152] Multiple queries at once[Debug] Passing output 'google,yahoo,bing' to Open URL


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Well, the no-code way would be to add a bunch of Filters with “if var1 is not empty”, “if var2 is not empty” etc. And connect each one to an Open URL action that uses {var:var1}, {var:var2} etc. instead of {query}.


That’s clunky, though, and it would be better to write a few lines of code to grab all the variables and stick them in URLs.


If you’d prefer that, I can help you with the code.

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6 hours ago, politicus said:

But given my current programming skills


Well why don't you give it a try, and I'll help you. That way, your programming skills might improve :) 

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