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On-the-fly control of keeping Alfred window open on actioning result


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The “Don’t close the Alfred window on actioning result” Window Behaviour option choice is always a hard one for me.


I have multiple nodes in multiple Workflow where I want both behaviours at different times. One way to achieve this is to add a new connection with a modifier that performs the opposite behaviour.


This is hacky at best, and needs to be added manually each time to each specific option.

My suggestion is a new behaviour with a global shortcut. Let’s say we’re on a result window that typically closes when picking a result. We double press ⌘ (or any other shortcut) and get a small padlock on the top right (I’ve used icons from my Workflows because I had them on hand).


The window will stay in the “Don’t close the Alfred window on actioning result” mode until we dismiss it, at which point everything goes back to normal.

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I am well aware how useful a generalised "Keep Alfred Open for a bit" would be, and do have some internal notes on this already. Any change like this would be a holistic change within the framework, so would be quite involving.


Either way, it's on my radar.

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