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Import SD Card content to <filetype> folders

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Can you help me with a workflow I regularly have. Maybe there is already an Alfred-workflow out there to do this.


Here's the problem:

If I import data (images, videos) from a (SD) card I want to separate them into a temporarily folder on the desktop. All image file (jpg, raw) should be in a subfolder "images", all video clips in a subfolder "videos". All other content should be ignored.


Here's my idea on this:

Run workflow "import card"

(Maybe with card name as selection)

If content is filetype image copy it to desktop/tempimport/images

If content is filetype video copy it to desktop/tempimport/videos

else skip file

In the end send message "import card finished"


After that I will import the images to Lightroom Classic. All videos will get moved to the correspond video folder that gets edited with Premiere Pro.

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