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Search on emails not working

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I am unable to search any emails. The moment I type em and press enter and type any word, the only options pop up are to look in search engines like Google etc. I am using v 3.8.2 [963]. I have also unchecked email under search files module to enable search in emails but it simply does not work. Cant search for subjects, Author anything!

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@H B Assuming you're using the simple Mail workflow I created, it requires that you're using Mail.app for your email, and that the emails are stored in the default location (~/Library/Mail/).


If you type "em" and see the workflow's "Search Mail.app" with the subtext "Search subject line and email content" but that it disappears as soon as you start typing a query, you'll see the fallback searches (Google, etc) if there are no matches.


This can happen if either there are no matches in your available or emails, or the emails simply aren't available (e.g. not in the default location), which you can check by navigating to the folder and checking for content. 



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