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Google Docs in Chrome when Chrome isn't Default Browser

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I wrote this workflow so I could directly open google docs in Chrome, even when Chrome isn't set to the default browser.  I tried a couple different browser proxies (i.e. Choosy, etc.) but none seemed to work well.  Then eventually came up with the following solution.  Note that this assumes you have Google Drive installed on your Mac since it is searching in the Google Drive folder (app name is Backup and Sync from Google). 



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Unfortunately no.  I just recently installed File Stream and played around with it for a while and couldn't get it working.  Somehow in File Stream the head command doesn't work on the google doc files.  My work around is to have both "Backup and Sync" and "Google File Stream" installed. So for all my personal drive files this workflow still works that are from Backup and Sync, for anything in the shared drives it doesn't.  If you find a solution please let me know.

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9 hours ago, mordith said:

on the google doc files


If you mean .gdoc/.gsheet files, those files don't have any content because there's no on-disk representation of Google Docs' native formats. In the old Google Drive (or Backup and Sync), they are JSON files that contain some metadata, but File Stream is a virtual filesystem (which is why it's caused so many problems with Spotlight and Alfred).

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