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How Do I Redirect an App Keyword?

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Title is confusing, what I want to do:

If you type `slack` I want the first option that shows up to be `Franz`. Sounds backwards, but the reason being, I'm trying to use franz vs slack and I have muscle memory I can't shake. (I keep typing slack when I mean franz.)

This might be a really out of the box solution and might not work, thought I'd give it a shot and ask anyway. Thanks!

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I have the exact same question. This sounds promising, but after adding both comments and tags, and reloading the apps cache, the desired result is not showing up. Is there some setting I have to enable for Alfred to look in tags / comments? (I have looked and so far haven't found one.)

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@sandinmyjoints @luckman212 It may be more reliable to simply create a simple workflow with a Keyword input (with no argument) to Launch Apps/Files.


Generally, Comments and Tags should work, but macOS is a funny beast and occasionally can take a while to reflect the change you've made into the metadata. Using a workflow is an immediate way to do it.


You can then even remove the real Slack app from Alfred's results by dragging it to Spotlight's Privacy and typing "reload" into Alfred. You'll then only see the "slack" keyword you created.





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