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Adium workflow with buddy icons

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  • Search contacts and select them to open chat
  • Buddy icons!
  • Displays status, away messages, idle times, service


  • This workflow filters out Facebook contacts since you cannot access them via AppleScript (Adium bug).  If you would like to access them, re-add your Facebook account via jabber and they will show up.

Thanks to dzejar on the forum for writing his Adium workflow to show how to query contacts and to open chat windows via AppleScript.  The "Run NSAppleScript" portion is copied directly from his workflow with permission.


This also uses Feedback.py by Peter Okma that I found online, so hopefully it's okay for me to reuse and distribute since it didn't have a license attached to it.  I've updated it as I needed.




You can download it from here.

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Hey Jefferson,

I like this workflow and I'd love to see a few extra features in it so please allow me:


- list only the "not offline" when not queried, but search through all contacts when there is a query (and maybe output the "not offline" on top or let alfred organize or maybe set a different keyword for "only not offline") because adium does offer the possibility to talk to offline contacts ! :)


- quick reply to some people: sometimes I'm watching a movie and someone talk to me, and all it would take to satisfy that person would be a "ok" or "lol" or "thanks" or "just a minute"... and I'd really like being able to do that right from alfred without even pausing my movie (yes it is a lame enough movie to open alfred, but not to pause and switch space). The way I picture it would be keyword "reply" displays a list of all opened chats to chose from and all the query is sent as message to the person selected when you press enter.


hope you feel like implementing :)



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