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Conditional that evaluates the presence/absence of an argument (selection in macOS)

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I am trying to make a workflow that opens Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/feed/trending?gl=US) if no argument is passed and searches YouTube if an argument (selection in macOS is passed). I tried using the conditional utility but it seems that a value (not zero) is passed when there is no argument. I tried debugging to see what value is given when no argument is passed, but it only shows "" in the debugger. What am I doing wrong? Or is there another workaround? Thanks

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9 hours ago, Yaz said:

What am I doing wrong?


We can't tell you what's wrong with a workflow we've never seen.


Please upload the workflow somewhere and provide a link.

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@deanishe My bad. I just figured it out but I will share the workflow in case anyone would find it useful (the replace empty input utility solved my issue).

Thanks again deanishe!

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That shouldn't be necessary. I just removed your Replace utility, configured the workflow as follows, and it works as it should.



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