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[ Workflow ] Hotkey Settings > Argument > Selection in macOS not work.

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I wrote a workflow, the argument setting needs "Selection in macOS" function.

But it does not work.


My settings:

[Hot key]: double tap cmd;

[Action]: Show Alfred;

[Argument]: Selection in macOS;

[Prefix]: mytest 

[Cursor]: Right


When I do above and call the hot key, only " mytest " appears in Alfred dialog.

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The feature works. It seems you're doing something wrong.


Please upload your workflow somewhere and post a link, so we can have a look at it ourselves. Also say which application(s) it isn't working with.


Also, when posting a bug report (though this doesn't appear to be a bug), always state which version of Alfred you're using.

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Alfred version: 4.0.3


pls do like this:


1. create a workflow with template " show alfred "

2. set the hotkey settings and set the prefix

3. it does not work:






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I just did the same, and it works perfectly for me.


So please, upload your workflow. Not screenshots, the workflow.


Like I said, you appear to be doing something wrong. We can't tell what that is from screenshots.

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