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Snippet description field display really too small

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I end up using Snippets A LOT, and sometimes the snippet description needs to be a little bit precise (more like a phrase, not just 3-4 words).

The problem is Alfredapp is cutting snippets description :


I would really need to either make the whole alfredapp window take more than, let me guess, the around 40% width of the desktop width it currently takes, which would end up giving the description field more space.




Or, inside the Alfred window, have the ability to choose the % of space taken by the left side (where the snippet description is displayed) and the % of space taken by the right side (where the snippet content is displayed).


Hope this will get fixed one way or the other, it's one of those things that make me scream everytime I encounter a long snippet description despite me loving AlfredApp!

So please make it even better 😉



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