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I Skipped Migration, how can I run it again to get my Alfred 3 snippets?

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I foolishly skipped the A3 -> A4 migration step first time through, and now I've lost ALL SNIPPETS. 


Per your web page advice, I deleted Alfred.alfredpreferences and prefs.json; this re-triggered the attempted migration, but "use sync" option was greyed out, and no matter how many times I repeat the process, my A3 snippets remain lost. 

I have a snippets.alfdb file; how can I get my A3 snippets into A4?

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@bbb Welcome to the forum. Can I clarify whether you deleted the Alfred.alfredpreferences from the ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/ folder or /Alfred 3/? It should be the former, not the latter (otherwise you're removing your Alfred 3 prefs in the process, which means there are no preferences to use for Alfred 4 to migrate).


Do you backup your preferences with Time Machine? If so, you should be able to locate the Alfred.alfredpreferences file from prior to your upgrade, and go from there.


Let us know if you need further help :)



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Can I clarify whether you deleted the Alfred.alfredpreferences from the ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/ folder or /Alfred 3/?

The former, as directed by your web page. I still have my /Alfred 3 directory, which contains a tantalizing 82k 'snippets.alfdb' file.


Now, all I need to learn is...how do I get my Alfred 3 snippets, into Alfred 4? 

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@bbb the snippets.alfdb file is built dynamically from the snippet data within Alfred.alfredpreferences, so Alfred 3's version of this file isn't useful for Alfred 4.


It sounds like you were using syncing in Alfred 3, try setting Alfred 4 to use the Alfred 3 settings, wherever they were (e.g. Dropbox?). You can set the folder Alfred looks for the preferences in Alfred's Advanced preferences.


As always, ensure that you have things backed up before you try anything.





I'm moving this topic to Discussion and Help and renamed it as it's not a bug.

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