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Exclude files in Alfred but not in Spotlight

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12 minutes ago, dfay said:

tag them alfred:ignore 


That's likely not going to work super well, as it requires tagging every single file :( 


2 hours ago, Hans Tammen said:

I like to find my DevonThink databases, but not the individual files within them. What did I overlook?


The best solution is probably to set up a File Filter that only considers the DevonThink database filetype (if that's possible).


Alfred's search model is include-only: there is no blacklist/exclude option. So you have to approach it from a "how do I include only types X and Y" perspective, not a "how do I ignore type Z" one.

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1 hour ago, dvcrn said:

Is that an actual tag now? I read about putting it in the Comments field at other places


It can be either.


1 hour ago, dvcrn said:

Also is this usable for folders or just for single files?


Depends what you mean. If you add the tag/comment to a folder, that folder will not appear in Alfred. It has no effect on the contents of the folder, however.

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@the_archpadre There are a few options here:


  1. You can simply select iTerm a couple of times, and Alfred will learn from your usage, bringing iTerm to the top :)
  2. Assuming you're using Alfred 4, under Features > Default Results, click the Applications: "Options" button at the top, and uncheck "Match Application's keywords in default results". Podcasts matches "it" because "iTunes" will be in the app's additional keywords pre-set by Apple
  3. Otherwise, here's how you can tag System apps: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/file-search/tagging-files/#spotlight

Make sure you type "reload" into Alfred after tagging to blacklist it.



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