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[SOLVED] cannot open foreground

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  1. I have a app1 in Desktop1
  2. I have a app2 in Desktop2
  3. I bring up Alfred in Desktop2 and type app1
  4. I hit Enter 
  5. But app1 remain in Desktop1 and not move to the Desktop1


I am sorry that my English is so bad😭

If you cannot understand, plese click googleDribeURL and watch( the meaning of "デスクトップ1" in the video is  'Desktop1' in English)


I'm looking forward to your response!!

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careless mistake,

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Welcome @yumaru,


This is expected behaviour. The same thing happens if you tell application "app_name" to activate in AppleScript, open -a "app_name" in a terminal, or click the application’s name in the Dock. Alfred asks the app to come to the front — how that’s handled is up to macOS. Apple determined the best way would be to bring you to the app (switch virtual desktop) rather than bring the app to you. That makes sense, as the surrounding context of your work will be maintained.


I’m not aware of a programatic way to do what you ask. Apple doesn’t give us much control over the virtual desktops.

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thank you for your courteous reply!

why didn't I realize that....

I hope to be able to control over even more👍

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forgot to put the at sign

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