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How do I move my entire configuration from macA to macB?


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I have received a new computer from work and want to keep the same configuration for Alfred (preferably without needing to manually copy all the things); is there a way to move _*ALL*_ settings over to the new computer so that my snippets, workflows, custom searches, et cetera are all present and available for use?

I was hoping that the sync option would work; but after reading the fine print more (oops), that is not what the feature is designed to help with.

is there either an official way or not-official-but-it-may-work-use-at-your/my-own-risk way to duplicate the settings?

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@zanyterp All of Alfred's configuration is stored within the Alfred.alfredpreferences file. You can get to this file from the "Reveal in Finder" button to the bottom right of Alfred's Advanced preferences. If you quit Alfred on macB then drop this file in the same location, then restart Alfred, all your settings will be migrated.


If you use a reliable file-based syncing service (e.g. Dropbox), then this will work fine to keep macA and macB in sync.




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