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Toggle Alfred - shortcut to F-keys


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9 minutes ago, Lord_Gareth said:

I would like the F14 button itself to activate the Alfred window (without any additional buttons).


Yes, I understood. Here’s an example of it working with the F9 key (my keyboard only goes to F12).



Try the other fn keys. While trying it now, I’ve noticed F11 did an OS action instead of being caught by Alfred. Maybe F14 has the same problem.

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OK, if I have F-key set as system key, only Fn+F5 or FN+F6 can be used. Fn+ F13 up to 15 don't work. But in such configuration F5 or F6 alone still won't work (I must press with FN). 
So maybe You could add possibility for such actions? For exemple, I use CopyLess 2, and if I choose F13 alone it works perfect and my system F-keys are still OK. 

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