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[SOLVED] Add content to a file

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I was hoping for an advice on a workflow I got hold of.

Supposedly, the workflow should create a new note and fill in structure of the note.

For some reason, it creates the the file and fills inn the correct UID of the file, but I can’t get it to fill in the note structure (Various text).

The structure is there in the blank field of the "write text to file" object, but it doesn't fill it into the new note.

Does anyone have an advice to what I am missing? (Im not a computer geek, but I try to understand).




Best regards


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Welcome @student,


When asking for help with a Workflow, please upload it somewhere as we can’t properly help you without access to it. Debugging can already be hard with access to the code, and you’re asking us to guess yours from a description. There are multiple places where your code or Workflow setup may be going wrong. Without looking at it we’re shooting in the dark.

Read the Reporting Problems with Workflows topic, as it gives a nice overview on how to build an effective report.

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The path in my case is: ~/Users/myname/Documents/Notes (The Archive){var:ymd} {var:title}.txt  (myname being my user).


Activating the shortcut for the workflow prompts me correctly with "new zettel", I type in the title, the archive opens the created note like this: 



Then I (have to) press enter and the note is created without the content in the "write to file" object.

How weird that it is working for you..😶


Well..thx for trying anyway! 




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Hmm...this was interesting...when I ran it I saw an error in the "write text file", wrong path.

Now I changed the path and everything seems fine according to the debugger. Still it doesn't write any text to the file..

The path in my config is now: ~/Documents/Notes (The Archive){var:ymd} {var:title}.txt



[22:20:39.499] zettelkasten[Keyword] Processing complete
[22:20:39.500] zettelkasten[Keyword] Passing output '- new note' to Arg and Vars
[22:20:39.501] zettelkasten[Arg and Vars] Processing complete
[22:20:39.502] zettelkasten[Arg and Vars] Passing output '- new note' to Write Text File
[22:20:39.502] zettelkasten[Write Text File] Processing complete
[22:20:39.503] zettelkasten[Write Text File] Passing output '/Users/myname/Documents/Notes (The Archive)201909282220 - new note.txt' to Delay
[22:20:41.497] zettelkasten[Delay] Processing complete
[22:20:41.501] zettelkasten[Delay] Passing output '/Users/myname/Documents/Notes (The Archive)201909282220 - new note.txt' to Open URL
[22:20:41.537] zettelkasten[Open URL] Processing complete
[22:20:41.538] zettelkasten[Open URL] Passing output 'thearchive://match/201909282220%20-%20new%20note' to Post Notification





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When I put in: /Users/XXXX/Documents/Notes (The Archive) {var:ymd} {var:title}.txt


Then the workflow creates an txt file with the content that I add in the script, but outside the "notes (The Archive) folder. No errors given in the debugger, and the Archive opens and prompts me with the generated filename, pressing enter saves a blank txt file in the archive folder. Weird.  

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