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Is there a 'Drag to ->' Feature like in Launchbar?

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I'm trying to switch to Alfred from Launchbar. 


My most important use-case is actioning an item.

In Launchbar, this can be done by pressing [Tab] on any selected item. Launchbar will then open a flat list of options. I could 'drag' it to a Folder to move or copy, 'drag' it to an Application or share it. The key here is, that this list is mostly flat. I don't have to navigate through fitfteen menus.


In Alfred, the closest thing I could find is the Actions-List. However, this takes way too many button presses.


For example: Opening a text-file in vscode

Launchbar:  "textfile" [Tab] "vsc"

Alfred:          "textfile" [ctrl] [cmd] + [4] [enter] "vis"


I can't even use fuzzy search to navigate the submenus.


There has to be a faster way, right?

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