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Visual artifacts when changing appearance

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As you can see on the images, I have graphical glitches with all the Alfred's appearances (but not with Alfred Classic).






I'm running 4.0.4 (I also tried 4.0.5) on Mojave (10.14.6).

Any ideas?




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@Hervé Are you running VLC? There's a bug between macOS and VLC, which can be seen occasionally in Alfred and in macOS native pop-up menus. If you quit VLC, the issue should go away.



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I'm having exactly the same behaviour when I'm working in Final Cut Pro - It looks like it might be something to do with GPU usage (my Mac has a separate GPU). If I minimise FCP and wait for a few seconds and then re-open Alfred, it works.


I didn't know that Classic would behave normally - just tried that now and it seems OK. Maybe it's something to do with transparency on some of the appearances?


I've tried disabling Automatic Graphics Switching and the issue keeps happening - maybe it's to do with how Alfred renders while something else is using the GPU?



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Try duplicating the theme you'd like to use, setting the background opacity to fully opaque, and set the blur amount for the theme to 0.




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Hi, I'm also having this issue whenever FCPX is running. On a Macbook Pro with GeForce GT 750M. As soon as I quit FCPX behavior is back to normal.


After reading through this thread where people were having similar issues but with VLC, I'm wondering if there's some rendering bug with Nvidia cards maybe? Like that thread, when I use a theme with no blur, the issues resolve.


In that thread it was suggested to contact VLC devs but it seems that either Apple or Alfred might be where the focus should lie (probably Apple, frankly).




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