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Workflow to go one step up in jupyter notebook

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I was trying to make a workflow to go one step up in jupyter notebook.


When I print the output to the LARGE FONT the output is correct, I can paste the output to the Google Chrome and it works correctly.

But when I use OPEN URL object, it opens the blank tab.


I tried many times still it only opens the blank url.


I have shared the workflow in github: https://github.com/bhishanpdl/Shared/blob/master/Alfred_questions/Jupyter Up.alfredworkflow?raw=true



How to make the workflow open the current jupyter notebook running in Google Chrome open a new tab with one step up ?


Note: I have used too many Alfred objects, I was also wondering how can I do it only the Applescript workflow.

Since I am unfamiliar with Applescript, I pipe the output of applescript to bash and then do all the work in python. If it can be done in applescript, instead of too many alfred objects

it could be done in one or two objects.


Thanks in advance. 

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