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Quit open app with the Enter key

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Hello everyone,

I have a workflow to launch a quick entry dialog window (which is actually a small Chrome app based on Notion's Web Clipper) for Notion input. I launch it by using a key combination and it works just fine. After I input the text I press the Enter key to send the note to Notion and I would like to also be able to quit the dialog window. How can I do that?

Thank you so much.

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Hey, this is a great idea.

Can you share how you made the Crome app with the clipper? 

I can see if I can figure out how to quit the dialog somehow.

Do you use Karabiner, BTT, hammerspoon or any other such utility? (I use Karabiner (only for converting caps lock to Hyper key) and BTT).


I am looking for a more general purpose workflow for Notion.


My main problems with Notion:

- it is incredibly slow, even on a 10-core iMac Pro

- have no search and replace

- search features in general are not up to par

- is not scriptable


What I want is twofold:

1. a cache of links to all the pages I have created and their headings

2. a quick entry dialog

3. a workflow to either

- open the page in Notion desktop

- prepend/append the quick entry text to the selected page

- prepend/append if there is Markdown data on the clipboard

and eventually:

4. either when the official API opens or via the unofficial python-notion-api, to somehow

syncronize my notion workspaces to a folder structure so I have access to my pages or parts of my pages as pure Markdown

and can edit them with Typora, VSCode, NValt and push the changes back to Notion itself by just diffing the markdown content.

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