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Eoin Rossney

Is it possible to get workflow search results on default Alfred invocation

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3 hours ago, Eoin Rossney said:

Is it possible to somehow build this workflow's search results into Alfred's default results?


Nope. By design, you can't include workflow results in Alfred's defaults.


I've never used Bear. The blurb on the website says your notes are "stored in plain text", so there might be a directory of files somewhere that you could add to Alfred's Scope. But looking at the workflow code, it appears that Bear stores everything in a single database, so you're probably out of luck.


If @nikivi's suggestions doesn't suit you, and you really want to have your notes in Alfred's default results, my suggestion would be to find a different app that does store its plaintext notes as plaintext files.

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Thanks for the replies - I might play with using a plaintext editor; the advantage with Bear is mainly that it looks good + has some degree of organisation, but I'm not tied to it.


I'm usually reluctant to make global hotkeys but will try that too.


Thanks again!

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