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Filtering (searching) snippets from Features > Snippets should show partial matches to "Name" and "Keyword"

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When looking for snippets using the Filter field under Features > Snippets in Alfred 4.0.5 [1118], it appears partial matches to the Name and Keyword for a snippet are not shown in the results.


For example, if you have a snippet called /andrew (for its Name and Keyword) and the Snippet body is "Bananas", and you type "andrew" (without the slash) into the Filter field, no results will be found.


I would love to see Alfred changed to where partial matches to Name and Keyword are shown.


I searched the forum before posting this, but if this has been requested already and I missed it, I do apologize.

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9 minutes ago, dfay said:

 right - I get that - just saying that there's another way to find the exact keyword or name that you can then enter in the prefs


Ah okay. That's more steps than I was hoping. :) Used to TextExpander where I can just find stuff easily and edit it or delete it.

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