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Ability to make individual snippet groups and clipboard history local-only when using syncing in Alfred

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Currently, it doesn't appear you can turn off syncing functionality in Alfred for just one group of snippets, when syncing Alfred data using a cloud folder such as a Dropbox folder. So if you want to sync your data across multiple computers, it doesn't seem like there is a way to make one or certain group(s) of snippets local only, i.e. not have that/those particular group(s) of snippets stored in Dropbox.


I would love the option to make individual groups of snippets local-only, so that when I use the snippets functionality in Alfred at work, I can still use the syncing functionality.


Not sure if clipboard history is sync'd between computers as well. If it is, an option to disable clipboard history syncing across computers would be great to have as well.

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Added feature request for clipboard history as well
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9 hours ago, mattbovett said:

Not sure if clipboard history is sync'd between computers as well.


No, it isn't.


8 hours ago, dfay said:

the Alfred Preferences don't seem to resolve aliases...


It does for workflows. Might be worth submitting a feature request. It would be a handy workaround for selective sync.


Whether it would work would depend on your sync solution, though. Some sync solutions don't preserve symlinks (they convert them to real files/directories instead), and others preserve the symlinks, but also sync the symlinks' targets.

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