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Catalina: Can't find applications


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I have tried all of these options - nothing works - only thing that I can get to show up in Alfred (using build 1124 v 4.0.6) are contacts.    Even when I type in Calculator or Dictionary they don't show up.    I have reset/reloaded several times and nothing.     This is one of the functionalities I like in Alfred and would like to know how to resolve. 


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@vero  Thanks - however when I try this - the iTerm session, after putting in my password, I get the following:


Requesting metadata reindex...



Error: Index is already changing state.  Please try again in a moment.


You can see the progress of the reindexing by performing a search in Spotlight


Press any key to finish...



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@VeroI did an uninstall and fresh install of Alfred4 with no resolution.    I ran the Re-index and now I'm getting this error:


Error: unable to perform operation.  (-400)

Error: unknown indexing state.



PLEASE help me get this resolved.

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@sfdukester this error is coming from macOS, not Alfred (More specifically, coming from the macOS Metadata Server). I've had a quick look on Google for the -400 error and it leads me to this page:




The top response on that page is a more thorough version of what Alfred's script is doing anyway, so should likely help you out!




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