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Combining workflows

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 I'm trying to set up things where I'll open a web project:
  • Open the related google doc where I keep notes, as well as any bookmarks for the site/documentation. I'll probably just put all the bookmarks in a chrome bookmark folder.
  • Open the PhpStorm project.
  • Open the iTerm command line so I have git access.
  • Optionally open finder for viewing assets.
I can find individual pieces but no idea how to make one large workflow combining all. I found references saying this would be easy in Alfred v3, and we're now on 4. Any clues? 
Ideally I could call workflows from other workflows, but if not I guess I should manually combine everything.

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You can call other workflows via External Triggers (which is what your first link is talking about), but that requires the workflow you’re calling to provide an appropriate External Trigger (or a place to attach one), and your workflow to know the correct argument(s) to pass to it.

I don’t think trying to use other workflows would work, though. Like, a Chrome bookmarks workflow isn’t going to provide an Open Bookmark action that accepts anything other than a bookmark ID or (more likely) the URL. So you might as well open the bookmark from your own workflow seeing as it will have to know the URL anyway.


I don’t know PHPStorm, but I presume it has a command-line command that opens the current directory in the app like Goland does. So all you need is the project path. Then you can use Alfred’s Terminal Command to open the directory in iTerm, PHPStorm and Finder in one single, simple command.

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