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Jump to editing snippet from viewer?

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Title says it all. Is there a way to jump to editing a snippet from when you're looking at it in the viewer?


With Finder files, I think you can hit ⌘-Enter to open it in Finder.  Perhaps ⌘-Enter could take you to snippet you're currently viewing, in the editor. I can post in the Feature Request section if anyone else thinks it's a good idea.

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6 hours ago, Vero said:

@mattbovett Use Cmd + S in the Clipboard Viewer to create a new snippet, or use Cmd + S on an existing snippet to edit it.




That's cool, thanks @Vero - didn't know that. Though not sure I explained what I was meant very well. I was actually talking about when you type "snip" and then words from a snippet, to find a snippet. I would love to be able to jump to editing the selected snippet there. ⌘-Enter is what I would assume would work there. Let me know if I should post in the Feature Requests section.

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@mattbovett You can access your snippets in two ways where they can easily be edited:

  • Use the Snippets Viewer (or access your snippets via the Clipboard Viewer, which is how I tend to do it) and Cmd + S there to edit the snippet
  • Use the internal search using the question mark prefix in Alfred's search box, e.g. ?matt (if your snippet keyword was "matt") and hit return to open the Snippets prefs for that snippet


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Wow, both of these are cool and I never would have discovered this! Thanks @Vero!


I like the clipboard viewer method, since I already go to that often. I also like how it finds snippets via partial match, unlike the Filter box in the Preferences > Snippets section. The only issue I seen is that if I use that method in an app I have ⌘S set up as a hotkey (via Keyboard Maestro), not only is the hotkey is executed in the app, but Alfred seems to ignore it and the snippet isn't pulled up to be edited. I was trying to use this method when I was in Safari, where ⌘S does "Select Previous Tab" (not Save As...😀), and I can see the previous tab getting selected when I hit ⌘S while the Alfred clipboard viewer is still up.


I wonder if there is a way Andrew could resolve that?  If not, perhaps there could be an option for selecting your own hotkey for editing snippets this way. I could use ⌘-Enter or ⌘-E (for "Edit" 🙂) or something.


Love this forum!

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