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Move finder items to Devonthink specific group

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I'm still struggling to find a way to replicate Alfred's "move" file action in the Devonthink world: files selected --> moved to Devonthink group. @brunoc made a very good job here (https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/10630-devonthink-browser-file-action/?tab=comments#comment-54406) but 1.  I'm no more able to make it work and 2. the approach used limits how deep in DT hierarchy Alfred can search. I found a script in DT forum that takes another approach searching a user entered string in opened DT database groups and gives you a list of groups with that string in the name. The author made it to work with Launchbar (see here the script: https://discourse.devontechnologies.com/t/quickly-find-a-group-in-any-open-db-launchbar-operations/11571/11) so the final workflow is: 

- select a file in finder 

-invoke the script

- in the script you're prompted to write a search string

- the script returns a list of group(s) where the search string is found

- user select a group

- launchbar moves the file to the appropriate DT group


Now the quick question is: is it possible to use the same (or a modified) script in Alfred?  I think it would be very useful but I'm not so techie to do it 😢

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