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Harvest — Control your Harvest timers in Alfred

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Hi everyone,
Here’s my new workflow for tracking time with Harvest. It’s heavily inspired by Neil Renicker’s Harvest workflow which stopped working for me (and will be retired soon).
  • Start, stop and adjust timers

  • Delete timers

  • Add/append notes

  • API token is stored in keychain (no password used for authenticating)

  • Uses the latest Harvest API (v2)



Installation & setup
Install the latest version which you can find under Releases.

  1. Make sure you have node.js installed. To check run `node -v` from your terminal.
  2. Go to https://id.getharvest.com/developers › 'Create New Personal Access Token' and give it a name, i.e. 'Alfred workflow'.
  3. Copy the access token and remember your Account ID.
  4. Type `hvs` and press 'enter',
  5. Paste the API token and press 'enter',
  6. Type your 6-digit Account ID and press 'enter',
  7. Type `hvn` and start your first timer!

*The first time you run the workflow you may be prompted to grant access to the API token (which is stored in your Keychain).


More information:







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Unbelievable useful workflow! Thx for sharing. 


Is there any way to make it possible to Start New Timer for entries - Projects/Task - you are not managing in Harvest?




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@kimhn That might be possible, but since I don't have multiple users in my plan I'm unable to test (and it's a bit pricy to upgrade 😅). If you have a test account and you're ok with sharing the api token I can see what I can do (you can revoke the API-token anytime).

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