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exchangeratesapi now requires a an access_key, the change was made without notice https://github.com/exchangeratesapi/exchangeratesapi/issues/117

In the meantime adding a fixer API key will fix the conversion problem https://github.com/biati-digital/alfred-calculate-anything#currency-options


I'll look in to this to see if keeping exchangeratesapi is worth it or find an alternative that does not require an access key. Still I recommend adding a fixer API Key as it provides support for many more currencies.

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Calculate Anything is a workflow for Alfred 4, that uses natural language and is able to calculate multiple things like currency, time, vat, percentage, etc.   Why? There are several

Hi vitor, thank you for your input.   I'm searching information about alfred_workflow_data but not sure exactly what you mean, are you referring to the folder stored in ~/Library/Application

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A new update has beed released 2.1.0

  • New: Removed exchangeratesapi as it now requires an API Key
  • New: Added exchangerate.host
  • New: Improved configuration. Now displays a list of time zones to choose from
  • New: Improved configuration. Now displays a list of currencies to choose from
  • New: Improved configuration. Now displays a list of languages to choose from
  • Fixed: Unable to run/save configuration on certain cases

Update directly from the workflow "Open Alfred and type calculate check for updates" or download manually the latest version from the releases page https://github.com/biati-digital/alfred-calculate-anything/releases

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