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[SOLVED] Workflows stopped syncing through Dropbox

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Up until recently, my preferences and workflows synced between machines wonderfully.


Something recently broke and I'm not seeing workflows sync anymore through Dropbox.


I know Dropbox is syncing on both machines, as I just dropped a file from my desktop machine into it and I see it on my laptop almost immediately.


Both Alfred instances are set to sync from my Dropbox folder. But for some reason, the workflows aren't syncing. As a test, I create a new one on my desktop and don't see it syncing over to my laptop. 


However, if I delete the Alfred.preferences file from Dropbox, I see my workflows immediately start disappearing from both machines. So the syncing is working right, but just not for new workflows.


Any pointers on what I should look for to troubleshoot this?

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As a test, I moved the Alfred.preferences file to a new location and let it sync on my desktop.


Then I updated my laptop.


Then, I grabbed the export of the workflow that wasn't syncing before and imported it. It showed up right away on my desktop.


So, I guess moving the preferences file around kicked whatever was unhappy and now it's fixed. 

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