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Alfred config in iCloud drive getting offloaded


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This might be an icloud drive issue but I figured someone else here might have encountered the same issue and knows how to fix it.


I have my alfred config in icloud drive to sync between devices. Now one device, macbook pro, since upgrading to catalina,  the files for alfred config starts to get offloaded from the mac every now and then so i need to force download in finder to have proper working alfred.


Anyone who knows how i can force keep the alfred config folder downloaded?



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@dfgh turn off Optimised storage: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207236


Alternatively, you can pin individual folders in macOS Catalina which should prevent this:




YMMV with this, I haven't had a chance to test pinning folders in Catalina, and I can't seem to find any official Apple documentation for this.

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I just wanted to chime in here. I have a couple of Macs that I bounce between (and separate work/personal user accounts on both machines) so syncing Alfred prefs is very important to me. I used Dropbox for this for quite a few years but as Dropbox has bloated out from a simple sync utility to some god-awful... whatever it's trying to be now, I've migrated all my files over to iCloud Drive.


Alfred was one of the last things I used Dropbox for (heeding the dire warnings Alfred throws out about iCloud) but some months back I finally pulled the plug on Dropbox and moved Alfred's preferences into iCloud Drive. And it's working just fine.


On my iMac, I have the luxury of turning "optimize storage" to OFF so everything is locally downloaded, but I don't have space for that on my MacBook. I right-clicked the folder containing Alfred's preferences (and a few others) to Download Now and it did and it seems to have stayed downloaded. I definitely miss Dropbox's selective sync controls, but in my experience iCloud Drive seems to do its best to keep on hand files that get used the most. 


Anyway, I post this for users who need settings sync and have a tolerance for trying something new. iCloud Drive works, in my experience. 

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