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[SOLVED] Workflow to kill the Dock

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I would love Alfred to run this terminal command:


Killall Dock


I have to do it 10 times a day and right now I have to open terminal, write it, run it and quit terminal. I would love for it to be done with one click.


Any idea?


Thank you!

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Thanks Victor!


yeah not the best solution but my dock freezes all the time and I can’t expose, view my spaces or even my desktop... and I can’t figure out a long term solution so I’m forced to keep on restarting the dock.


thanks for your help!!!

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I will eventually do that, its just a massive undertaking because I have so many programs and settings here.


I have created the workflow https://share.getcloudapp.com/o0uxWqrv


but it doesn't seem to come up when I type the command, what am I doing wrong? 


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