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Expand workflow snippet only if certain apps are focused


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I'd like to expand a workflow snippet, but only if certain apps are focused (just like the "Hotkey is only active if the following apps have focus" option for hotkeys). My use case is that I have a note editor for which every time I begin to type a link (which is in the form of `[[link here]]`), my workflow will pop up and offer suggestions to complete the link. I can't redefine the link syntax, so I'm stuck with "[[" as the snippet trigger, but as my autocomplete workflow is only for this app, I only want the workflow to trigger when my note-taking app is active.


(It's true that I could use a hotkey instead of a snippet trigger, but then this would no longer be an auto-complete workflow. Moreover, different link types can't be handled separately with only a single hotkey, and the number of hotkeys will multiply quickly. Separate snippets for each link type would handle this easily.)

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