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Keyboard Shortcut Override Reverts to Default

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I've recently changed my default Alfred keyboard shortcut to use Option+Space instead of the default Command+Space.  This works for a while, but it seems that whenever my laptop is closed for an extended period of time (perhaps 30 - 60 minutes, but definitely overnight), the shortcut reverts to the default.  I'm not finding any other system keyboard shortcut that relies on Option+Space, and when I initially set it in Alfred, only Alfred is invoked, so I assume it to be available for use.  


The reason I have for changing the default is that I have another application that I'd like to set as Command+Space, but the reversion of the Alfred shortcut causes the other app to revert to its default.  To be safe, I set the secondary application's shortcut to something entirely different at the end of the day yesterday, and it persisted when my laptop woke this morning, but Alfred was once again set to the default Command+Space shortcut.


  • What you were doing when the issue happened - Waking my laptop from sleep overnight.
  • Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action - Yes, this recurs daily.
  • Include any screenshots that might help us - N/A
  • Include the  Alfred version & build number you are using - I've experienced this on both 4.0.6-b1124 and 4.0.7-b1128 Pre-Release
  • Include your OS X version - 10.15.1 (19B88)


If there is other information I can gather that would be helpful for investigation, happy to do so.



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@Arch1m3d3s Welcome to the forum :)


Could you please let me know whether you sync your Alfred preferences? If so, what's your sync path? You can refresh your memory by looking at the Alfred Advanced preferences, where you'll see it in the bottom right.


If you're using an external volume or a sync service where your preferences aren't stored locally, my guess is that Alfred can no longer find the preferences when you reopen your Mac - at least until the sync folder becomes available again.


It's also worth noting that Option + Space is Alfred's default combo. We don't set Cmd + Space by default, as it's used by default by Spotlight, and we want to give users the choice to set Cmd + Space rather than override existing hotkeys.


If you set your sync folder to a completely local path (e.g. your Desktop or Documents folder) temporarily, see what kind of behaviour you get.



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Hi Vero!


I am not storing anything on external volumes, and I do sync my preferences via iCloud Drive.  The specific path is ~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Alfred, and I do have Alfred running on my iMac at home.  Would you still suggest that I set to a more local path?  I am not currently syncing my Documents folder to iCloud, and can't due to restrictions on my work device.


Fair point on the default.  Now that you say that, I must've set the key combination to replace Spotlight at some point (a big improvement for certain).  Odd that it wouldn't let me reset it now then.

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@Arch1m3d3s Can you please try setting the sync location to a local folder as suggested to see if you're getting more predictable behaviour? iCloud can be unpredictable, and has changed throughout Catalina betas and early general release builds. 


Generally, we recommend ensuring that you disable Optimised Storage and that you keep a backup of your preferences, e.g. via Time Machine, in case iCloud does something unexpected.


Here's more information about Optimised Storage:




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12 hours ago, Arch1m3d3s said:

As an aside, that Apple support link appears to be broken.


Sorry, it had picked up the bracket as part of the link - I've moved it to avoid that :)


I'm also moving this thread out of bugs and into discussion & help as it's not a bug.



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