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Not getting focus when switching apps with fullscreen

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Alfred 4.0.6 Build 1124, Friday 8th November 2019

MacOS Catalina 10.15.1 (19B2106)


If I attempt to switch to a fullscreen app from a windowed app or go from a fullcreen app to a windowed app the newly selected app is shown but it does not have focus.


If I switch from one windowed app to another windowed app then all is fine.


Any ideas ?

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@berksgr Could you provide more details on exactly which apps and what you're doing? I've just tested this between a few apps, and see identical behaviour, whether I'm changing app using Alfred, Spotlight or Alt + Tab. 


If you can provide a reproducible step-by-step of the behaviour you're seeing, and what you're expecting, I'll take a further look :)



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