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@Jap As per my reply by email, could you please provide more information?

  • Which version of Alfred are you using?
  • Did you grant Alfred necessary permissions in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility? 
  • Please try removing Alfred from Accessibility and re-add him. It may be that the Accessibility permissions are corrupted and this will resolve the issue.
  • Did you enable the Clipboard feature in Features > Clipboard by checking the boxes for the content types you want to save?
  • Is Cmd + V still set to normally paste items from your macOS Clipboard?
  • Could you please try pasting from the clipboard in a plain TextEdit file? Does this work as expected?

The more information you're able to provide, the more likely I'll be able to help you troubleshoot this, as the Clipboard History feature should work normally provided Alfred has the right permissions. :)



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