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VLC Remote customisation

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Hey guys,


I've expanded the functionality of the VLC Remote workflow found here (all kudos and a great thanks to geberl for a great workflow):



I've added speed up and down commands for those of us who like to watch videos faster or slower (helpful for programmers) [SpeedFast/FineUp/Down], go-to-start of video [start], skipping back and forward 15 to 30 seconds [BackX, ForX]. I've also added a clone command to open another version of VLC, and a peerflix command for those of us who like watching torrentened videos (opens VLC video at locahost, port 8888).


https://github.com/ged12345/alfred-workflows/blob/master/VLC Remote.alfredworkflow


P.S. I also asked the creator of the below Piratebay Workflow to update a few things to make it work again. This can combined well with the peerflix functionality I added into this workflow. Remember to try and buy!

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