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Trigger workflow with apple function key

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How can i trigger Alfred workflow with an apple keyboard function key without pressing the "fn" key?


I want to use most of the features regularly (volume up, volume down, play pause...) but i want to use F2 F3 F4 for

workflows without pressing the "fn" key.

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You can’t. Those keys are interpreted by the OS first, and there’d be no way for Alfred to know “this time I want to run X instead of changing the volume”; that’s what the fn key is for, to indicate you want a different action. You request is akin to asking how to type an uppercase letter by pressing it without ⇧ or Caps Lock.

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If you want to trigger Alfred workflows with your function keys, invert the function keys in System Preferences -> Keyboard. This is how I have my keyboard set up, and I can assign hotkeys to "bare" function keys in Alfred:




That means you have to press the function key to perform they keys' special functions, of course.


1 hour ago, Benben said:

Ok, first of all it is possible, using "Karabiner elements".


Karabiner doesn't use the standard hotkey API. That's why it didn't work for a year when Apple introduced Sierra.


No sensible developer is going to take such a risk just to enable a few unsupported keyboard shortcuts.

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7 hours ago, Benben said:

Ok, first of all it is possible, using "Karabiner elements".

Second: please don't answer questions on the internet when your

answer is "you can't". you don't know enough to say that. so

just don't answer.



No reason to respond to his comment in this manner. @vitor replied back answering you to the best of his knowledge. A simple. "Karabiner Elements" supports this feature would suffice.

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Thank you for your words, @Terminal. Happy new year to you.


@Benben If what you wanted was to invert the fn keys, either your question was badly constructed or I misinterpreted. To avoid the second case, in my answer I restated the question as I understood it, through way of example. If that interpretation was incorrect, that was your opportunity for clarification, not antagonism.


I genuinely do not understand why you’d (seemingly) double down on the attitude. You’re making so people will become unwilling to answer your questions, and on this forum all you have are questions. Nobody in this thread has been disrespectful to you, so I ask you extend us the same courtesy. This forum is a good place of helpful people for folks wanting to learn. I welcome and wish you a happy new year. Let’s please not start on the wrong foot.

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