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Hey thanks!  I took a step back and reevaluated the situation after Music.app ATE my converted music library.  I did some digging and found Retroactive and thus am now running iTunes on Catalina until Apple can rectify its cranial-rectal relationship...


It appears that this has given SizzlingKeys a little more life now and I'm back to enjoying it's full and robust functionality until Apple finally get's things right.  Overall I'm finding SizzlingKeys to be even more responsive / faster with iTunes at playing and acting on key input than Alfred was in my initial go with Music.app. 


I'm sure I'll be back down the road once the Apple-ocalypse has gone past the event horizon...

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For future reference, and Alfred's support, check that Alfred has Automation selected for iTunes in the macOS Prefs > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Automation > Alfred > iTunes. If it's already selected, perhaps try quitting Alfred, then unticking and re-ticking iTunes.




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