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Haha, so I did. Alright, since I'm having a hard time finding archived documentation for some of this stuff, I'm just going to focus on the compiled version and see if I can't get this working there. I've made some good headway in the past couple of hours, so check back in a bit (or keep an eye on Alleyoop).

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Alright, now at http://alfred.daniel.sh/Workflows/OpenMetaTags.alfredworkflow and available through Alleyoop, a compiled version with the target set to 10.6 that you may have better luck with. It's also, much to my great pleasure, wicked fast, and I've added the option to label Finder the Finder selection with the keyword "label." Share and enjoy!

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Hey there, great stuff!

I was having one issue, which is a MAJOR crash when i try to tag a file with multiple tags and i so happen to not separate them EXACTLY with a comma and space. If it's just comma, or just space, my whole computer goes in a frenzy and i have to hard-shutdown... any clues? i'm running os x 10.8.4 on macbook pro.

otherwise it works like a charm thanks a lot for the work and i hope your finals are going well.


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Oh, dear! That's a major problem indeed. I'd like to try to reproduce it on my own system—can you remember a more specific example of the kind of syntax that's causing the error? I just tried "draft, queer,swc" without a problem, as well as "phamily wbc,shirley." It might also help to know the paths to the files you're trying to tag when this happens—if you'd like, you can PM or e-mail me (at d at daniel dot sh) with that info. But the first thing to do is see if anything is being logged. If you could open up Alfred's preferences, right-click on "OpenMeta Tags," click "Show in Finder," and paste in (or send me) the contents of any .log files in that folder, it'd be a big help.

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