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Haha, so I did. Alright, since I'm having a hard time finding archived documentation for some of this stuff, I'm just going to focus on the compiled version and see if I can't get this working there. I've made some good headway in the past couple of hours, so check back in a bit (or keep an eye on Alleyoop).

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Hey there, great stuff!

I was having one issue, which is a MAJOR crash when i try to tag a file with multiple tags and i so happen to not separate them EXACTLY with a comma and space. If it's just comma, or just space, my whole computer goes in a frenzy and i have to hard-shutdown... any clues? i'm running os x 10.8.4 on macbook pro.

otherwise it works like a charm thanks a lot for the work and i hope your finals are going well.


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Oh, dear! That's a major problem indeed. I'd like to try to reproduce it on my own system—can you remember a more specific example of the kind of syntax that's causing the error? I just tried "draft, queer,swc" without a problem, as well as "phamily wbc,shirley." It might also help to know the paths to the files you're trying to tag when this happens—if you'd like, you can PM or e-mail me (at d at daniel dot sh) with that info. But the first thing to do is see if anything is being logged. If you could open up Alfred's preferences, right-click on "OpenMeta Tags," click "Show in Finder," and paste in (or send me) the contents of any .log files in that folder, it'd be a big help.

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