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Goodreads Book Search

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Search Goodreads.com from Alfred.




Download from GitHub.


  • Search by book/author
  • View your bookshelves and add/remove books
  • List books by author
  • List books in series
  • Open details on Goodreads.com
  • Add custom scripts to pass book data to other programs/URLs


See the documentation on GitHub for more information.


The workflow will ask you to authorise it to read your Goodreads data (via OAuth) on first run.

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Big new release
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24 minutes ago, selrond said:

would it be possible to search by author?


You already can search by author. Just enter the author's name and a list of their books is shown. You can use ⌘↩ to open the author's page on goodreads.com or ⌥↩ to view their books in the workflow.

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2 hours ago, selrond said:

apparently there's a refetch after it recognizes the query is an author's name


Not really, no. Like many workflows, it tries to show results as soon as possible, and it can take a couple of seconds for the results to "catch up" with your query.

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  • deanishe changed the title to Goodreads Book Search

Massive update today. Complete rewrite, basically.


The workflow now uses OAuth, so you can access your own bookshelves and add/remove books.


I've replaced custom URLs with custom scripts, so you can do just about anything with book data, not just open URLs.


The workflow can now also fetch a book's full dataset, so there are a lot more data to play with (e.g. book description, which is available as plaintext, HTML or Markdown).

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  • 3 months later...

this is terrific (until it lasts 😕). Would it be possible to only search books on one's shelves? and then maybe open the edit page so that one can update shelves etc.? 

another great feature would be to add a search result to a predefined shelf in your library, but perhaps that can be accomplished using the custom script feature? 

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10 hours ago, giovanni said:

Would it be possible to only search books on one's shelves?


You can, but only one shelf at a time.


10 hours ago, giovanni said:

but perhaps that can be accomplished using the custom script feature?


It can. The workflow comes with a script to add a book to your Currently Reading shelf. Just make a copy of that and change the shelf name.


10 hours ago, giovanni said:

until it lasts 😕


Yeah :(


So I'm not taking feature requests, as I'm sure you can understand.


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For anyone running into the Gatekeeper issue on MacOS: https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-booksearch/issues/4#issuecomment-1280097022




Solution: we need to disable gatekeeper for the `alfred-booksearch` binary on the CLI.

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine <path>

Replace <path> with the location of the binary. The binary is located in the workflow folder. 

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I just installed the goodreads workflow by the excellent @deanishe 

If I type the keyword BK, all I end up with is a google search.

During the installation process, users are told to et an API key via "grconf" or the workflow won't work.

How is this done ? I can't find the answer is neither alfred forum nor support.

thanks in advance for your time and help


Debug  (I replaced my name with XXXX)

I typed BK The Prince

(searching for book with title The Prince)


[20:05:24.585] Logging Started...
[20:05:47.712] Book Search[Script Filter] Queuing argument 'the prince'
[20:05:47.841] Book Search[Script Filter] Script with argv 'the prince' finished
[20:05:47.844] ERROR: Book Search[Script Filter] Code 127: /Users/XXXXX/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Scripts/2808143E-EB08-42E4-AC39-1B4D0C79840A: line 1: ./alfred-booksearch: No such file or directory



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When asking about an existing Workflow, please use its own forum thread. While it may seem that starting a new thread could give your problem visibility, it fragments the discussion and makes it less likely the author and users of the workflow (the people who can help) will see it.

As to your question, it means you open Alfred and type grconf.

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thank you very much @vitor for moving my question to this page. It is greatly appreciated and I will remember for the future. Sorry for the trouble.


10 hours ago, vitor said:

pen Alfred and type grconf.


when I type grconf in alfred nothing happens as in 



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