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Replace Utility - how to insert a line break?

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I want to make a simple replacement to convert a multi-line block of text into a more html-friendly format.



Have this...




Want this...





I've got a workflow Replace utility that looks like this:



My result is this...



I'm guessing my escape character in the replace field is totally wrong.


Any suggestions?

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Hi, I am trying to append notes to a textfile and would like to add a line break, for which I want to use a replace character such as a pipe. But whatever I do, the text doesn't get replaced. I also tried string replace.


I tried everything and am without clue, do you have any idea?

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Sorry, it's not clear what you're doing from your screenshot (that's why we ask you to always upload your workflow, so we can have a look).


If you want to use a line break in Alfred's replace element, you have to paste a literal line break. Escapes like \n don't work. Copy and paste a line break from a text file. 

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