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Search and add bookmarks to Raindrop.io

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On 3/26/2024 at 9:48 PM, andreas.w said:


It's hard to tell what might be the reason for this without more context, but you could go to the the Raindrop workflow and check if it says "ra" where I marked that with red in the screenshow below. That is where the code word that by default is set to "ra" is configured, and you could change it to anything by double clicking that box and change the setting for it there. 


One thing you could do, and which is what I do myself, is to set up keyboard shortcuts for searching a bookmark or adding a bookmark, which you can also see in the screenshow below on the left side. Double click those boxes to set your own shortcuts if that seems like a good solution for you.




Hello @andreas.w, thank you for a great tool.

However I have the same problem as @mrwynn.


Keyword "r" to search works great in Alfred.

But keyword "ra" first of all just appears shortly and then disappears from Alfred. If I press space after "ra" it displays my contacts.


I assigned a hotkey as you suggested, and then the option stays on screen in Alfreds list but when i pick it under its workflow name it shows "Loading..." and then nothing gets added to Raindrop. After a second or two it disappears.


I assigned keyword "raa" to test further and then it behaves exactly like with the hotkey.


Either way it is not possible to add anything to Raindrop with this workflow.


I am using Alfred 5.5 and Search Raindrop.io 2.0.11. I have Raindrop 5.6.32 installed on macOS Sonoma 14.5. It is a clean install so nothing should be configured wrongly.


Do you have an idea on how to fix this?




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