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Search Raindrop.io & open bookmarks in active browser

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This is a workflow for searching your bookmarks on Raindrop.io.

- Trigger it by typing r in Alfred, and then type to search your bookmarks

- Select a bookmark and press enter to open it in your web browser (with multi-browser support, see below)

- Hold down the cmd-key while a bookmark is selected to view it's URL

- Press enter before you have started to type your search query to open Raindrop.io itself in your browser


One special thing with this workflow is that it detects if the topmost window is a browser window, and then opens the search results in that browser.

So, if you are currently working in Firefox, your bookmark will open in a new tab there, and if you are currently working in Safari, or in Chrome, the bookmark will open there instead.

If the topmost application is not a browser, the bookmark will be opened in your default browser.


This makes this extension perfect for those who use more than one browser. You can always open bookmarks in the exact same way, and still have them displayed in the browser you are currently using.


The supported browsers are: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Crome Canary, Brave, Edge, Vivaldi, Safari Technology Preview and Seamonkey (Why Seamonkey? Yeah, good question, but it's there anyway)

Other browsers that you might use (whatever that would be?) will simply not be detected as a browser, and the search results will show up in your default browser. (You could add another browser to the Workflow yourself of course, if you would want to)


Download here: https://d.pr/f/5M7fNf+ (IMPORTANT, DON'T SKIP THE FOLLOWING: While importing this into Alfred, follow the instructions in the workflow import dialog about how to authenticate with Raindrop.io, or it will not work)

Download old version that opens Raindrop.io with your search query instead of opening bookmarks directly: https://d.pr/f/Ml4lH4+



Edited by andreas.w
New and much better version with support for Raindrop's new API

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22 hours ago, tylast said:

I'm sure you've seen that the public API is now available.  ;)

Yes :) 

I'm looking into that, so there might be an update soon for this workflow with the results right in Alfred, so you could select the bookmark you are looking for in Alfred and open that up in a web browser directly.

Don't know how soon it will be done, but I really want it myself, so it probably will happen anyway.

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On 2/14/2020 at 1:17 PM, tylast said:

I'm sure you've seen that the public API is now available.  ;)

Didn't expect this to be done this fast when I wrote about it a few hours ago, but there is now a new version with support for Raindrop's new API, and thereby support for doing the actual search inside Alfred and open the bookmark in the web browser instead of opening the Raindrop.io search result page in the browser like before.


It's important to read and follow the instructions in the import dialog while importing this new version to Alfred, as this workflow will not work at all otherwise.

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