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Nickname apps? ("Calendar" opens Fantastical)

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19 hours ago, raguay.customct said:

Or, simply make a workflow with lots of keywords for the app you want to a launcher for the app. Very simple, straight forward, and easy to see and edit.


But it also requires adding icons to each Keyword, and keeping the Workflow up-to-date as you remove apps from your system.

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On 1/26/2020 at 8:50 PM, vitor said:

Welcome @nemosmith,


Tag of add Spotlight comments to your apps, and Alfred will find them by those keywords.

This seems to have worked- but strangely only partially.


For example, it works with Fantastical and Mailmate, but not with DayOne... which is straight-up bizarre... (same process for all the apps, spotlight re-indexed and application cache cleared)


Does anybody have any insight into this?

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3 hours ago, nemosmith said:

Perhaps the Adv. Pref. function is bugged?


Unlikely. It simply tells the system metadata index to re-index your files. Problems are normally in the (far more complex) system index, not in Alfred. The re-indexing is very slow, however, so it's likely that it simply hadn't finished.


FWIW, you can tell the system to re-index specific files or directories with the shell command mdimport /path/to/the/thing, which is often a lot faster than dragging things in and out of the Privacy pane, and far, far faster than rebuilding the whole index.

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