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Forward email to one or more colleagues

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Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum.

I'm a brand-new Alfred user, so enthusiast of this software that I've bought it to all my 6 co-workers. I've already figured out several ways, and workflows, to enhance our office life. It's just fantastic!


Unfortunately I'm no programmer (while I'd love to!) so I rely on my googling abilities to find and put together pieces and snippets of code to make my own solutions (to great satisfaction, I have to admit).


Now I'm facing with a problem that I'm having a hard time to solve.


In my office, we often forward emails one to each other. Sometimes it's to one co-worker, sometimes to two co-workers, less frequently to three co-workers.


I found an apple script that forwards an email to an email address so I put together a workflow that starts with a List Filter (Who's the recipient?) and then triggers the script by passing the {query} to the script as recipient of the forwarded email. This works well to forward to a single address.


I'm struggling to find a tidy way to solve the "forward to 2-3 emails".


Ideally, I'd like to have something like the List Filter where I can select multiple choices. The choices could be passed as multiple variables to the script.

Alternatively I was thinking to subsequent List Filters...


Any ideas? Apologies if I'm very naive and the solution is easier of what I think but as I said, I'm no coder so my thinking is somehow dumb.




PS: I wanted to attach my current workflow but I'm not sure how.


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3 hours ago, Gio78 said:

Apologies if I'm very naive and the solution is easier of what I think but as I said, I'm no coder so my thinking is somehow dumb.


You're not naïve. Alfred natively understands multiple files, but not multiple anything else, which makes it very difficult (impossible?) to handle arbitrary numbers of items without any coding (or perhaps some very hairy workarounds).


Your best bet, AFAIK, would be to grab my MailTo workflow, which can handle an arbitrary number of email addresses, and change the compose action to run your forwarding script instead of what it currently does (create a new email message).


You'll probably also need to run the Fixum workflow after installing it to get it to work with Alfred 4.


3 hours ago, Gio78 said:

PS: I wanted to attach my current workflow but I'm not sure how.


You can't attach workflows to forum posts, unfortunately. Your best bet is to upload them to Dropbox (or similar) and post the URL. But thanks for trying to attach it: we normally can't help much with a workflow we haven't seen.

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Hi deanishe, thanks for your message!

Meanwhile I figured out a work-around to do the trick. It's a sequence of three List Filter (so that you can forward to a max. 3 email addresses that you use frequently)

with conditional filters on the way. I'm trying to understand if it speeds up my work pace for forwarding, or if it's just a different way to press many keys. I'm using this system because I want to share it with my co-workers who have no Touch Bar. For myself, I'll probably setup direct forward buttons on my Touchbar to the 2-3 coworkers I forward more often than not, skipping Alfred altogether.


But maybe someone else might benefit from this workflow, so here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/be3y13kgz1apn6s/zzz - Forward to 1-2-3 emails.zip?dl=0


How long am I supposed to keep it on my dropbox? I'll probably remove it some day, thus breaking the link.


Let me know how it looks!


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